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Please Call us at 1-800-530-1713 if you prefer to place your order by phone Monday - Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

For Faster Service 24/7 Please Use our Secure Online Shopping Cart

Customer Shipping Comments "thank you for our shipment of vaccines that arrived today,they arrived cold in a cooler with 3 ice packs,I never have to worry,the service is great" Chistine S, Buchanan, GA

Minimum Order is $65.00 - However on orders of horse vaccines, horse products and pet products that total less than $70.00 you will be given the option at checkout to add more products to bring your order up to $65.00

Matching Prices? ''Our prices are already set low. Our customers love our Free UPS Second Day Air shipping on vaccine orders over $500. Our wide selection of equine vaccines makes us an industry leader'' Vern Wiese, owner

Please place orders using our secure online shopping cart

Free UPS Second Day Air Shipping on Orders where the Vaccines total $500 or more.   For vaccine orders of less than $500 a flat charge of $25.95 applies. (All vaccine order include a Free $9 Vaccine Cooler with $1 in Ice Packs)
ALL VACCINES are shipped separately by UPS Second Day Air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.

All vaccines are Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable

Missouri state and local taxes of 7.975% applies to all Missouri residents

PROMOTION ENDS June 12, 2018

Earn a $25 Gift Certificate for each quantity of two (2) 10 Dose Vials of the following Zoetis vaccines.  NO LIMIT!

$25 Gift Certificates earned can be used on your next purchase of any mix of products, vaccines or non-vaccines as long as the total of your order meets our $70 minimum.
Certificates must be redeemed by 11/30/18

No can earn another $25 Gift Certificate each time you order 2 more 10 dose vials, example: order 4 vials (any combination of the six(6) Zoetis vaccines) and earn two (2) $25 Gift Certificates before the promo ends on June 12, 2018

UlcerGard for HorsesUlcerGard
Minimum order is 10 tubes, Orders less than 10 tubes will be voided and not shipped. exp. date 01-2019 

A Merial $2.00/tube rebate form will be shipped with each Ulcergard order, this is the 2017 Rebate form but Merial is honoring it for purchases in 2018. If you want to redeem your rebate on-line go to:

Please Note:Ulergard and Gastrogard(RX only) both products contain 2.28 grams of Omeprazole, Do Not pay more for Gastrogard.

Quantity Pricing Discounts - expiration date 01/2019, compare to others that sell for $32.95/tube or more

  • Order 10-23 tubes $29.90 each - less $2.00 rebate/tube
  • Order 24-36 tubes $29.77 each - less $2.00 rebate/tube
  • Order 37-59 tubes $29.72 each - less $2.00 rebate/tube
  • Order 60-100 tubes $29.70 each  - less $2.00 rebate/tube
  • Order 101-144 tubes $29.65 each - less $2.00 rebate/tube
  • Order 145-180 tubes $29.60  each - less $2.00 rebate/tube

Ships Free  -UlcerGard is Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable
More information

Prestige V + WNV (West Nile) (10 dose vial) $388.90 - Our Lowest Price Ever - Our Top Selling Equine Vaccine(For single dose select Vetera Gold XP(compares to Prestige V + WNV) Single  Dose Prestige V + WNV is on Manu. Back Order until April 1, 2018

Prestige V + WNV (West Nile) (10 dose vial) Guaranteed to be in stock, order 2 or more at $404.81 each, includes Free Shipping

See Item: XXT0330 - Single dose Vetera Gold XP  $51.90(compare to Prestige V + WNV)
Item: AA3301  Prestige V + WNV - 10 Dose Vial  $388.90 

 All Vaccines Are Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable by Federal Law

All Vaccines Shipped UPS Second Day Air Only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - Sorry  No Sales to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada

GLC 5500  - Price Reduced to $95.50, compare to $95.90 on

Limited Time Specials

Pinnacle I.N. (Zoetis) 10 single doses - Strangles vaccine
Pinnacle I.N. (Zoetis) Strangles Intra-Nasal Vaccine - Price Reduced to $238.90/10 single dose, order 2 trays or more at $236.51 each, others sell at $249.95
Our price $238.90
Market price $254.95
You save $16.05

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West Nile Innovator (Zoetis) 10 Dose vial
West Nile Innovator (Zoetis) Price Reduced to $199.00/10 dose vial (No Rx required)
Our price $199.00
Market price $219.95
You save $20.95

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Vetera Gold XP - Select Dose Size from Single Dose and 10 Dose Vial
Vetera Gold XP (Boehringer-Ingelheim) - Single dose $51.90 and 10 dose vials $439.00 - An all-in-one West Nile + 2-way Sleeping Sickness + Tetanus + Flu +Rhino(EHV 4 and EHV 1) Vaccine(Compare to Prestige V + WNV- on Manu Back Order until June, 2018)
Our price $51.90
Market price $59.50
You save $7.60

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Equi-Jec 7(8 way vaccine) - Loaded Single dose with needle
Equi-Jec 7(8 way vaccine) Single dose only - Sale Price $42.29/single dose loaded in a syringe with needle
Our price $42.29
Market price $49.99
You save $7.70

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Prestige V + WNV (West Nile) (10 dose vial)
Prestige V + WNV with Havlogen (West Nile) (Merck) 10 Dose Vial $388.90, single dose is on Manu. Back Order until June,2018 includes Free Second Day Air on vaccines orders $500 or more
Our price $388.90
Market price $440.00
You save $51.10

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Fluvac Innovator EHV4/1 (Zoetis) (10 dose vial)
Fluvac Innovator-EHV 4/1 (Zoetis) Sale Price $177.90/10 dose vial
Our price $177.90
Market price $192.50
You save $14.60

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Fluvac Innovator 6 - 10 Dose Vial (Zoetis)
Fluvac Innovator 6 (Zoetis) - Special Sale Price $244.75/10 dose vial
Our price $244.75
Market price $269.49
You save $24.74

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West Nile Innovator + EWT (10 Dose)
West Nile Innovator + EWT (Zoetis) Sale Price $259.00/10 dose vial, (No Rx required)
Our price $259.00
Market price $279.00
You save $20.00

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  Displaying Items 1 to 8 of 32 offers horse owners secure online ordering  for horse products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders are shipped within 24 hours. Our Secure Shopping Cart Allows Customers to use Mastercard, Visa and Discover, and PayPal, however Customers can place orders over the phone by calling 1-800-530-1713. The Minimum Order is $65.00.

Also please visit our two other websites: And offers wholesale prices direct to horse owners on over 550 equine health care products, horse stomach ulcer prevention products including Ulcergard, horse products such as horse vaccinations, west nile horse vaccine, west nile virus, equine, vaccines, Starting Gate Granules, Maxum HA, Psyllium Pellets, BioGold Plus, Prime Performance nutrition products,Horse Vaccines, Zoetis equine vaccine, Equine Vaccines, Boehringer-Ingelheim equine vaccines, Vetera Gold XP, Elanco vaccines, Zoetis vaccines,  Merck vaccines, Horse Vaccines, West Nile Innovator, West Nile Innovator + EWT, West Nile Innovator + VEWT,  Recombitek West Nile equine vaccine by Merial, Fluvac Innovator 4, Fluvac Innovator 5, Fluvac Innovator 6, Fluvac Innovator EHV-4/1, Botvax B, Encevac T (Intervet), Calvenza03 EIV/EHV, Vetera GoldXP, Prestige V, Prestige V + WNV (Merck),Equine Rabies vaccine, Equirab, Pinnacle IN, Strepvax II, Strangles vaccines, Pneumabort K+1b,Prodigy with Havlogen, Potomavac Horse Fever vaccine, Potomavac + Imrab, Botvax B, CDT, Tetanus Antitoxin, Tetanus Toxoid,  Lepto EQ, Seramune, Fluvac Innovator, Equine E Coli Endotox Paste, Equine Magic Salve, Also offering probiotics Equi-Bac Gel, and Bio-Sponge. Oster, Andis and Wahl clipper blades, Syrflex cohesive flexible bandage, vetrap, 4 inch X 4 inch gauze sponges, Syringes, Needles, Adams Flea and Tick Mist with IGR, Adams Penemite, Andis Blades, Clipper Blades, Elastikon Tape, Equi Spot, Hay Net, Nu Stock, total calm and focus paste, and total calm and focus supplement.

Also offering many popular joint supplements for horses such as  APF Pro,  Cosequin ASU,  Conquer Liquid, Recovery EQ-HA, Cosequin 1400 gram Equine Powder, Cosequin Optimized with MSM,  Equithrive, Corta-FLX 100 Ultimate Solution, Corta Flx Powder, Corta Flx Pellets, Four Flex, Four Flex HA, GLC5500, Equithrive, MSM Pure powder,Bio Sponge,Seramune Oral IgG, and Foal Response Colostrum paste for new born foals. UlcerGard, Succeed and Starting Gate. Durasole, Biotin 800 Pellets, Biotin 800Z pellets, Vetericyn HydroGel Spray and Vetericyn VF Spray, Biotin Pellets, Cipex Pellets, cushings Blend, Derma Cloth, EcoVet Fly Repellant, EPF 5 Gel, Epsom Salt, Equi Bac Oral Gel, Furazone, Grand Coat Supplement, Grand Complete, Grand Flex, Grand H.A., Grand Vite, Grand Meadows Hoof Powder, H.A. EQ, Herbal Bute, Latex Exam Gloves, Liver-Tox, MSM, Muscle Up Powder, Permethrin 10%, Recovery EQ-HA, Remission, Repel XP, Say Whoa, SBS Hoof Builder, Stethoscope, Super Lyte Electrolyte Paste, Super Mask, Thrush Magic, Thrush Stop, Wipe.

All Natural and Homeopathic horse health care products are also offered with Free Shipping included on orders of $70.00 or more. Also offering Boehringer -Ingelheim canine and feline vaccines: Nobivac Canine Flu Bivalent vaccine, Spectra 9, Lymevax, Nobivac Canine 1- DAPPv, Nobivac Canine DAPPv + CV, nobivac canine 1-DAPPv +L4, Vanguard Plus 5, Nobivac Puppy DPV, Nobivac Intra Trac 3,  Bronchi Shield Oral, Bronchi Shield 3, Bronchicine, Nobivac Canine Flu Bivanent vaccine,  Duramune Max 5, Duramune Max 5 5/4L, Duramune Max 5 CVK, Duramune Max 5 CVK 4/L, Kennel Jec, Spectra 9, and  Rabvac 3, Rabvac 1,Rabies Tags, Also offering Elanco Canine and Feline vaccines, Feline vaccines Nobivac Feline 1-HCPCh, Nobivac Feline 1-HCPHCh + FeLV, Neo Par, Neo Vac DA2, H3N2, Lepto 4, K9 Advantage II for dogs, Frontline Plus,  Bio Spot for dogs and cats, Fish Flex, Fish Mox, Fish Tapes, Fish Zole,  Fortiflora, Microchip, Nemex 2, Save A hoof Spray, Shoeing Hammer, Tapeworm Capsules, Terramycin, Topical Fungicide, Total Calm & Focus, Veterycin Liquid Wound Spray, Vetrap, Vitamin B-12 Gel, Vitamin E 800 Powder, Vitamin E and Selenium, WormEze Liquid, Zodiac Spot On.

Zimecterin Gold, Ulcergard, Equimax, Generic Ivermectin Paste, Generic Strongid Paste, Quest Gel, Quest Plus Gel,  Safe Guard Suspension,  Panacur Paste and Panacur Powerpac, 1% Generic Ivermectin Injectable, Anthelcide, APF Pro, Bandage scissors, Betadine solution, Brown Gauze Rolls, Hoof Knife, Hoof Tester, Humane Twitch, Hylarub Joint Cream, Pyrantel Pamoate, Solitude IGR, Sore No More Liniment, Swat, Valerian Free Relax Blend. 

Free Shipping is  offered on all horse products within the 48 continental U.S. states on orders of $70.00 or more, not including Vaccines. All vaccines are Shipped UPS Second Day Air.

Vaccines are Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable.

shipping on all non-vaccine orders of $65.00 or more.

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Bot Vax B (Botulism) 10 ml vial (5 doses)
Our price $87.99
Market price $95.50
You save $7.51
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Fluvac Innovator 6 (Zoetis) Single Dose
Our price $26.50
Market price $31.40
You save $4.90
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Liquid Generic Strongid (Pyrantel Pamoate-50mg/ml) 32 oz. (946ml)
Our price $39.95
Market price $49.50
You save $9.55
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Zimecterin Gold (Merial) $1.50 Merial Mail-In Rebate per tube - Form sent with your order
Our price $11.75
Market price $13.99
You save $2.24
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Nemex 2 - 60ml
Our price $9.90
Market price $12.75
You save $2.85
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