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Fluvac Innovator EHV4/1 - Single dose

Fluvac Innovator EHV4/1 - Single dose
Fluvac Innovator EHV 4/1 - Zoetis - Sale Price $23.89 per single dose
Item #: A0016-01
Price $23.89

Fluvac Innovator EHV 4/1 (Zoetis) (single dose) is killed virus vaccine that protects horses 9 months of age and older against EHV-4 And EHV-1 (Rhino) and influenza strains A1,A2,Prague 56, Ky'92,Ky'97 and also provides cross-protection against Ky'98 And Ky'99 strains. MetaStim adjuvant provides a more enhanced and rapid immune response.Give one 1 ml injection IM and repeat in 2 to 4 weeks and annually thereafter.  

  • Vaccine shipments are only shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in a styrafoam container with ice packs

Also available in 10 dose vials

  • single dose syringe with needle
  • exp. date 12-08-2024

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