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Pneumabort K+1b - Single Dose

Pneumabort K+1b - Single Dose
Pneumabort K +1b - single dose - Sale Price $18.59 per single dose with syringe and needle, order 12 or more single doses at $18.22 each
Item #: A0051-01
Our price: $18.59
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Pneumabort K + 1b (Zoetis) is a killed virus vaccine to protect mares against abortion caused by rhinopneumonitis. It contains two strains of EHV-1 for added protection. For pregnant mares give a 2ml. dose IM during the 5th, 7th, and 9th month of pregnancy. Revaccinate annually.
Also available in 10 dose vials

Vaccine shipments are only shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in a styrofoam container with ice packs

Order 12 or more single doses at $18.22 each


  • Single dose syringe with needle, exp. date 10-15-2022

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