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TruCan DAPPi+CL4 - Elanco - Formerly Duramune Max 5CVK/4L

TruCan DAPPi+CL4 - Elanco - Formerly Duramune Max 5CVK/4L
TruCan DAPPi + CL4 - Elanco - Formerly Duramune Max 5CvK/4L - Elanco - The Puppy Shot Booster - Sale Price $224.90 per tray of 25 doses - order 3 or more at $223.90 each - order 4 or more at $222.90 each - order 5 trays or more at $221.90 each
Item #: DOG109
Price $224.90

TruCan DAPPi+CL4 formerly Duramune Max 5CVK/4L (Elanco) (Puppy Shot Booster) is used as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by canine distemper, infectious canine hepititis, adenovirus type 2, coronavirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus, leptospira canicola, leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae, leptospira grippotyphosa, and leptospira pomona.

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Dosage:Using aseptic technique, after rehydrating inject 1 ml dose IM or SQ. Vaccination in puppies should start around 6 weeks of age and every 2 to 3 weeks thereafter until 12 weeks of age, then annually.

All dogs over 12 weeks of age should receive one dose and then a second dose 2 to 3 weeks later, then annually thereafter.

Please note: Many vets do not recommend vaccinating small dogs or young puppies with Lepto. The vaccine is not normally needed and can cause harsh and sometimes fatal reactions when given to puppies.

  • Please note:  syringe and needles are not included

  • 25 single doses
  • expiration date 02-28-2025

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