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Strepvax II - single dose

Strepvax II - single dose
Strepvax II - Boehringer-Ingelheim - Sale Price $22.69 per single dose with syringe plus needle. Injectable Strangles vaccine
Item #: A05331
Price $22.69

Strepvax II (Boehringer - Ingelheim) Single Dose Injectable Strangles vaccine. Protects against strangles caused by Strep equi. Made with concentrated M-protein extract to provide superior protection with a minimum amount of side effects.

For Primary vaccination give 3 -1 ml doses at 3 week intervals with an annual booster thereafter. Foals less than 3 months should receive an additional dose at 6 months or at time of weaning.

  • Vaccine shipments are only shipped on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in a styrafoam container with ice packs

  • single dose with syringe and needle
  • dated 03-21-2025

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