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Equimax Paste

Equimax Paste
Equimax Horse Wormer - Bimeda - Sale Price 10.99 each, Order 12 or more at 10.88 each, others sell up to 14.99 each
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Equimax (Bimeda) is an FDA approved Apple Flavored Equine Wormer Paste combines two active ingredients, Ivermectin 1.87% And Praziquantel 14.03% in a 6.42 gram paste. Equimax is approved and is safe to use on pregnant mares, breeding stallions and foals over 4 weeks of age. 

Order 12 or more at $10.88 each, order or 12 or more tubes get Free Shipping

An All-in One Dewormer And Boticide that controls all major equine parasites including the tapeworm.

One tube will treat up to 1,320lbs body weight. Apple Flavored!

Equimax is as effective as Ivermectin against major parasites, as well as 100% effective against tapeworms.

Note:  Extensive research has shown that about 50% of all horses in North America are infected with tapeworms today.  Studies have also shown that tapeworms are a leading cause of colic:

  • 22% of Spasmodic colics
  • 81% of ileal-impaction colics
  • 100% of ileocecal intussusception colics


  • one tube deworms 1,320 lb horse, exp. date 10 / 2020

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