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Quest Plus Gel - Zoetis

Quest Plus Gel - Zoetis
Quest Plus Gel - Zoetis - Price Reduced to 12.15 each, order 12 or more at 11.91 each
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Quest Plus Gel (Zoetis) is the same as Quest Gel in that it contains 20mg of Moxidectin per ml, however it also contains 12.5% Praziquantel to kill Tapeworms, Large And Small Strongyles, Pinworms, Encysted Cyathostomes, Hairworms, Ascarids, Largemouth Stomachworms and Bots.

Order 12 or more at $11.91 each, includes Free Shipping

Do not use on horses under 6 months of age 

Each Oral Syringe deworms up to a 1,500lb. horse. It is a true All in One Dewormer and Boticide

  • Deworms up to a 1,500 lb horse exp. date 08/22/2021

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