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Generic Strongid Multi-dose - 2 horse doses

Generic Strongid Multi-dose - 2 horse doses
Generic Strongid Paste - Exodus Label - Two Dose Tube - Sale Price 13.39 each - Saves money compared to single horse dose of Strongid Paste
Item #: B00995
Our price: $13.39
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Generic Strongid Paste (Exodus Label-Bimeda) 47.2 gram Multi-Dose tube for the removal and control of large and small strongyles, pinworms and large roundworms in horses. Apple Flavored.

Safe for use on foals 2 months of age or older, pregnant mares and breeding stallions and all other horses and ponies.

Each tube will deworm two 1,200lb horses - Big Savings over the 1 dose tube of Strongid Paste

Orally administer 1/8th syringe for horses up to 300lbs, give 1/4th syringe for horses 301-600lbs, give 3/8th syringe for horses 601-900lbs, and give 1/2 syringe to horses 901-1,200lbs.

  • 2 dose oral syringe, deworms two 1,200lb horses, expiration date 06-2024

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