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Panacur Paste 25 gram

Panacur Paste 25 gram
Panacur Paste 25 gram tube - Merck - Sale Price $12.99 each - Order 12 or more at $12.47 each - Includes Free Shipping on orders over $80
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Panacur Paste (Merck) 25 gram Horse Dewormer for use in Horses, Foals and Ponies. One tube deworms a 1,100 lbs of body weight.

Safe for use in horses including pregnant mares and very young foals. Broad spectrum efficacy. Highly effective against the predominant internal parasites of horses: large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids.

Convenient, oral paste administration. This paste formulation 10% (100mg/g) fenbendazole.

Order 12 or more at $12.47 each

  • 25gram oral paste, expiration date 12-2024

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