Liquid Generic Strongid - Pyrantel Pamoate-50mg/ml - 32 oz. - 946ml

Liquid Generic Strongid Wormer - Pyrantel Pamoate - Sale Price 39.95/946ml (quart) bottle = $2.37/1,000lb horse(exp. date 02/2019), includes free shipping on orders over $70
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Liquid Generic Strongid Wormer (Pyranel Pamoate) is Prescription Strength (no Rx required) (50 mg/ml of Pyrantel Pamoate with a Vanilla Custard Flavor. Labeled as a Pinworm Treatment.  (32 Ounce Bottle)

Manufacturer is Aurora Pharm.

Use this Liquid Wormer for the removal and control of large and small strongyles, pinworms and large roundworms in horses. Give 6 ml per 100 lbs. body weight. (75 ml treats one 1250 lb. horse.) Very Safe for all horses, including pregnant mares and foals.

One 32 oz. bottle will treat 15.77 - 1,000lb horses or 12 - 1,250lb horses-- economical to use at $2.37 per 1,000lb horse

Equine Liquid Wormer may be administered by means of a dose syringe and given orally or mix into the normal grain ration.

Shake bottle well before each dose is measured out 

Includes free UPS ground shipping on orders that total $70 or more.


  • 946ml (quart) liquid

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