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Foal Colostrum Oral Gel 3 Dose

Foal Colostrum Oral Gel 3 Dose
Foal Colostrum Oral Gel -Kaeco. Sale Price 12.88/3 dose 30ml gel tube
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Foal Colostrum Oral Gel (Kaeco) provides 2 grams of colostrum per each 10ml dose, it also provides probiotics, selenium, vitamins and nutrients essential to the health of newborn foals, older foals and weanlings(no exp. date)

Foal Colostrum Oral Gel is a 30 ml tube that provides 3-10ml doses in an easy to use dial-a-dose gel tube.

Foal Colostrum Oral Gel provides critical support when access to mare's colostrum is limited or the foal needs additional support for the immune system. This product is also benificial for boosting the immune system of older foals and weanlings.

Directions for use: Warm to room temperature and orally administer one 10ml dose to newborn foals immediately following birth. Repeat a second dose within 12 hours.


  • 3 dose 30ml gel tube
  • no exp. date

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