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Vitamin E 8000 Powder 4lbs

Vitamin E 8000 Powder 4lbs
Vitamin E Powder - High Level Antioxident - Sale Price $86.90 per 4lbs - 128 day supply - includes Free Shipping
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Vitamin E 8,000 (Gateway)(4 lbs)is an extra strength 8,000 IU per ounce Vitamin E powder for convenient use in the treatment of EPM.

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin, an important antioxidant, and a free radical scavenger. May also have a beneficial anti-inflammatory effect and promote healing of damaged nervous tissue. Each 1 ounce daily serving supplies 8,000 IU of vitamin E.

ed 1 ounce daily.

Includes Free Shipping in the continental 48 states


  • 4lbs powder, no exp. date

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