Valerian Free Relax Blend - Arenus - 2 lb, 160 servings

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Valerian Free Relax Blend - 2 lb (Arenus) will not test, it is legal to use at all shows and events

2 lbs is a 160 servings

Valerian Root has been removed and Blue Vervain has been used in place of it. This is an all-natural herbal calming blend that nutritionally aids in relieving nervousness, anxiety and tension in the equine athlete. Contains Chamomille, Hops, Passion Flower, Wood Betony and Blue Vervain. Usage: For an average 1,000 lb. horse, feed 1/2 scoop twice daily. Introduce it slowly into your horse's diet to avoid problems with picky eaters


  • No expiration date
  • 2lbs powder

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