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Equi-Spot - 6 Week Fly Control

Equi-Spot - 6 Week Fly Control
Equi-Spot - Farnam - Spot-On Fly Repellent for Horses - Price Reduced to 11.90/card, permethrin-citronella scented, 6 week supply for control of flies, mosquitoes, gnats and ticks, order 6 or more at 11.30 each
Item #: AAAA0002
Our price: $11.90
Market price: $14.00
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Equi-Spot (Farnam) 6 Week long Fly Control for Horses. Contains 45% Permethrin that kills and repells flies,gnats,mosquitoes and ticks on horses for 14 days. Will not wash off or sweat off. It is Citronella Scented.

Order 5 or more 3-10 ml treatments at $11.30 each which includes Free Shipping

Each card of 3-10 ml tubes is a 6 week supply for one horse

Do not reapply for 14 days (2 weeks) Safe for all horses. Do not use on foals under 3 months of age.

Apply one 10ml tube as follows: 5ml along the back line, 1 ml top of forehead under forelock, 1ml to front of each foreleg, 1ml to front of each hind leg. 

Read and follow direction for use on the back of each card before applying Equi-Spot

  • 6 week supply/card
  • no exp. date
  • each card has 3-10ml tubes, each application lasts for 2 weeks

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