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Permethrin 10% Concentrate 32oz

Permethrin 10% Concentrate 32oz
Permethrin 10% Concentrate - Sale Price 19.88/32 ounces liquid conc., order 3 or more at 19.28 each and get Free Shipping.
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Permethrin 10% Concentrate (Durvet) 32  ounce bottle, contains 10% Permethrin for quick knockdown and long lasting control of flies, mosquitoes,mites, lice, ticks and fleas. Can be uses indoors and outdoors, or spray on any animal.

Order 3  - 32 ounce bottles for $19.28 each, includes Free shipping on Non-Vaccine orders that total $49 or more

For use on horses, dogs , cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and poultry. Safe to spray the premises. For use on dogs 12 weeks of age and older mix 1.3 ounces with every 1 gallon of water, For use as a horse spray dilute 8 ounces in 50 gallons of water, or one 32 oz. container makes 200 gallons. 


  • 32 ounce liquid 10% concentrate, no exp. date

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