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PMS-Painful Mare Soother

PMS-Painful Mare Soother
Painful Mare Soother - PMS -Sale Price $80.00 per 3lb bucket - pellets, Order 2 or more at $76.00 each - Includes Free Shipping
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Painful Mare Soother (PMS) (3lbs) is an Herbal Pelleted Supplement that normalizes the female cycle in mares. Promotes calming and excess stress. Alleviates symptoms associated with pain and mental anxiety, with no decrease of mental or physical ability.

Order 2 or more at $76.00 each - includes Free Shipping.

Not recommended for pregnant mares 

Ingredients are Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Don Quai, Chaste Tree, Stevia and Alfalfa.

Dosage is 1 ounce twice daily or 2 ounces once daily. For maximum results feed 1 ounce twice daily. Recommended dosage is based on a 1,000 lb horse.


  • 3lb bucket pelleted
  • no expiration date

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