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GLC 5500 - 2 lbs.

GLC 5500 - 2 lbs.
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GLC 5500 Equine Concentrate. Each Level Scoop contains 5500 mg of Pure GLC as follows:
Chondroitin Sulfate...........1200mg
Glucosamine HCl..............1200mg
Glucosamine Sulfate.........1200mg
Glucosamine Potassium....1200mg
N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine......300mg
Manganese Proteinate.........100mg

Feeding directions:  For a 1,100lb horse feed one level  scoop AM and again in the P.M, or feed 2 level scoops once daily
This 907 gram (2lb) container is an 82 day supply for a 1,100lb horse.

GLC 5500 has earned the acclaim of the nation's leading equine hospitals, orthopedic surgeons, world champions, and top veterinarians the world over.

The reason for our success is simple. GLC 5500 delievers the guaranteed results top professionals demand and the unequaled purity and performance YOU deserve.

Whatever your level of competition, tremendous force is exerted on your horse's joints. GLC 5500 provides you the first and best line of defense against the mechanical stress of racing, eventing or simple pleasure riding.

GLC5500 has a patent pending for this exclusive combination of all four bioavailable glucosamines; each with unique properties of absorption and utilization with chondroitin, ascorbate, and manganese; GLC 5500's inclusive formula provides specific bonds between these vital metabolic precursors providing you the most complete joint formula available.

GLC5500 is a pure powder concentrate, scientifically engineered to work synergistically with the body's own mechanisms, optimizing bioavailability of the existing compounds.

GLC5500 provides the ONLY 100% Pure, Full Spectrum Glcosamine plus Chondrodin Sulfate product available, the Best product at the Best possible price Guaranteed!

Ionic Transfer - GLC excels where other products fall short! GLC is a pure powder concentrate, manufactured using only pure pharmaceutical grade compounds. Other products containing fillers, binders, and liquid suspensories cannot compare. When you purchase these ''supplements'' a large portion of your hard earned money is being wasted on microcrystalline cellulose, alfalfa based plant matter, dangerous herbal agents or even worse, simple sugar water! (Just read their labels)

GLC5500 is for all stages of development. It eliminates all the guesswork. Because GLC contains only the intended quality compounds in a pure powder concentrate, you have peace of mind and complete control over the accuracy and administration of each dose. Liquids and fillers are prone to inaccuracy, separation and sedimentation, making it impossible to judge the proper dose or content of what you are feeding.

GLC5500 eliminates the expensive loading dose required with all other products.

GLC5500's methodology of administration (1 gram per 100 lbs. bodyweight divided into two equal portions A.M. and P.M.) provides sufficient quantity of the available composition with each and every feeding.

GLC 5500 is affordable. One 2lb. Jar when fed as directed will last the average horse 1000-1100 lbs. 3-months! Sold by leading hospitals and veterinarians, GLC is the best product at the best price guaranteed!

If you are tired of the hype and empty promises of our competition, join the experts and world-renowned horse professionals on Team GLC.

  • Martha Rodgers DVM: Lameness Specialist, Ambulatory Medicine Lexington KY
    ''GLC's exclusive formula takes a logical approach to oral joint supplementation. GLC 5500's higher concentrations provide the proper ratios to benefit developing and mature cartilage''
  • Alex Hassinger Jr. World Champion Thoroughbred Trainer
    ''GLC 5500 is simply a great product. It produces the results I need and my horses demand. Finally a product that works!''
  • George Miechowsky: President Canadian International Dressage Riders Association ''I see a definite improvement in my horses performance. GLC has helped my horse regain elasticity and ease of movement so important in the sport of dressage.''
  • Gary Stevens : Hall of Fame World Champion
    ''GLC 5500 is without a doubt the Best joint product I have ever used. If you are serious about joint care, no other product can compare to GLC 5500 .
  • Elizabeth S. Millikin: World Renown 3-Day Eventer
    ''GLC 5500 keeps my horse's joints cool and tight; the recovery rates using GLC have exceeded all my expectations. GLC 5500 is fabulous!''
  • Darren Stancik : AQHA World Senior Reining Champion ''I have tried ALL the other products out there, GLC 5500 is the Best! My horses move and perform at their best all the way to the winners circle.''
  • Jim Fitzgerald: Knockgriffin Farm, Keeneland Sales Record Holder
    '' I highly recommend GLC 5500 for any serious horse professional. In the ring or on the track you can count on GLC 5500 it is a fantastic product.''
  • Herb Stone: 3 time World Champion, Mounted Match Shooting. and ''Pee Wee''Champion Mounted Shooting Horse
    ''Since I've started giving Pee Wee GLC 5500, his performance and smoothness have improved noticeably.''
  • Frank Conway : Trainer World Champion Hunter Jumpers
    '' This business demands only the best out of horse and rider. With GLC 5500 I see results every day in world class eventers and horses in training. GLC 5500 is excellent.''
  • Burk Kessinger: Multiple Grade 1 Stakes Winner, Thoroughbred Trainer
    ''GLC 5500 produces dramatic results even under the strictest training regiment. Thank you for such a great product.''
  • Elizabeth Mittauer: Champion Appaloosas
    ''Thank you so much for sending me your wonderful product. My horse is doing great now, and I can only attribute it to GLC 5500. Thank you!''

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  • 907 grams (2 lbs) (82 day supply), expiration date 11-30-2021

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