Monoject 3cc Syringes with 25 gage X 5/8 Inch Needles Attached - Qty.25

Syringes With Needles for Dogs and Cats Only, sold as a box of 25 3cc syringes with 5/8 inch needles attached
Item #: D1570
Our price: $5.50
Market price: $9.00
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Use for dogs and cats only
Monoject Disposable 3cc Syringes with 25 Gage x 5/8 Inch needle(Leur Lock) attached, ready to use.

Sold only in boxes of 25

This is the ideal gage and length of needle for small breed Puppy or Cat Vaccinations.

Packed in sterile sealed polypropylene jackets

  • Sold as a box of 25 3cc syringes with 25 gage x 5/8 inch needles attached

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