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SayWhoa - Stops Colic

SayWhoa - Stops Colic
Stops Colic - Say Whoa - Now in Gel form - Sale Price $84.00 per Bottle, Order 2 bottles at $82.32 each and get Free Shipping
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  • SayWhoa! to Fecal Impaction, Gas, Light Sand And Spasmodic, Stops Colic
  • Safe for Horses Any size or weight. Mares lactating or in foal Performance Horses – Test  Free
  • Order 2 bottles at $82.32 each and get Free Shipping
  • How to Use it: Just lift the horse's head upward and with the included open end syringe(like a wormer) squeeze into the horses mouth and watch him swallow. Say Who has a sweet taste.
  • Promotes Digestive Sounds to Return in minutes

 Temperature: Store at between -4 and 115 F temperature. Keeps in liquid solution down to -4 degrees.  If freezes just thaw out and use will not affect the product. Keep  out of the reach of children.

  • 3 Year Shelf Life


After the horse swallows, formula is quickly absorbed through the lining of the horse’s stomach and enters the bloodstream. These ingredients work with the horse’s body where fluids are drawn into the intestinal tract which soften and break apart the impaction. Then the ionic solution stimulates the bowel muscle motility (peristalsis) is returned to normal.

SayWhoa! vs NSAIDs Drugs  – works opposite of the NSAIDS drugs  NSAIDs drugs perform a few actions. Two of them are 1. Pain Relief and 2. To Relax Muscles. Relaxing smooth muscles cannot help with elimination.  Peristalsis is halted which is needed to move impactions through.  SayWhoa! is not a drug.  It does not contain pain reliever or muscle relaxant properties. No pain medications are needed since relief starts within minutes. Through osmosis fluids return to the gut, where they are needed.  Ionic solution assists in the peristalsis returning.  Gut sounds are heard because peristalsis has returned. Horses start back to eating within 1 – 2 hours.

HOW IT WORKS DIFFERENTLY: It is absorbed through the stomach lining into the blood stream and instantly starts breaking down fecal matter and fecal impactions. It is not a muscle relaxant, so smooth muscles can keep doing their job of allowing the normal peristalsis or bowel motility to move materials towards elimination.


Jo-Anne O. Young

Equestrian Director Houghton College, NY – Back in April I did use your product on a lovely little connemara lesson pony we have. I followed directions, and she did not seem to be getting any relief. After an hour and a half, I called the vet. It took a half hour for the vet to arrive – and as soon as he got out of the truck, she seemed to fully recover! He went ahead and checked all her vitals, which were all normal. I gave Dr. Rob McNeill the literature to take back to the office and share with his colleagues.  Sincerely, Jo-Anne O. Young, Equestrian Program Director, Houghton College


Stacie Diaz

Roman Riding Team Performing throughout USA – We have had tremendous results with the product. We firmly believe in this product and will not be without a bottle at the barn or in our trailer for our out-of -town shows. We have used it 6 times with all Great results. This is a must to have for any horse owner!  -Staci Anderson-Diaz (known for her spectacular Roman Riding Presentations throughout the U.S.)



Basic Understanding of Colic

Horses Eat Grass


Horse’s digestive tract is designed to graze on grass all day.  They get the nutrition of supple grass, which is high in water content. This would easily travel through the curves of the digestive tract through peristalsis.  Peristalsis is the wave like movement of the intestines that makes the chewed food travel to the other end and out.  Also the surrounding smooth muscles help with food travel.

Causes of Horse Colic

What Increases the Chance of Horse Colic

Signs and Symptoms of Horse Colic


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