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Starting Gate Granules - New Size - 4 -1.1 Gallon 4.125 lbs/Jug

Starting Gate Granules - New Size - 4 -1.1 Gallon  4.125 lbs/Jug
Starting Gate Granules - New Size 4 - 1.1 Gallon 4.125 lbs Jugs - $269.90 - Includes Free Shipping
Item #: SBS0330
Price $269.90

Starting Gate(SBS Equine) Granules New Size 4 - 1.1Gallon Jugs 4.125 lbs = 100-120 Day Supply, easier  to take with you to horse shows that the 5 Gallon container, also stays fresh longer. Starting Gate Helps Reverse/Prevent Equine Gastric Ulcers and Improve Hoof Growth by Strengthening the Epithelial Tissues that line the GI Tract and Coronary Band. It works on a cellular level to strengthen the epithelial tissue that lines the gastro intestinal tract.

 Includes Free Shipping. Sorry Only Sold in a Case of 4 - 1.1 Gallon Jugs.

Starting Gate is Human grade is labeled for people and their horses that want to function better(e.g. race, play) and live longer.It is a highly concentrated form of mixed phospholipids which is a natural food additive. It is recognized safe by the FDA, European Union and the World Health Organization. Kosher and Halal approved.

Starting Gate is less expensive than acid blockers that can disrupt the normal digestive process by not allowing food to breakdown properly.

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  • Each 1.1Gallon Jug contains 4.125 lbs of Starting Gate Granules (25-30 day supply), no expiration date-4 total

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