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Equi-Mast Gastric Formula - 60 Day Supply

Equi-Mast Gastric Formula - 60 Day Supply
Equi-Mast Gastric Ulcer Prevention Formula - Sale Price $198.00 per 4.63 lbs - 60 Day Supply - Includes Free Shipping unlike others who charge shipping
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Equi-Mast (Kaeco) Gastric Formula Powder(4.63 lbs) is formulated as a digestive aid for horses. It was designed after extensive testing to assist in maintaining a healthy equine gastrointestinal system and to support in the control of stomach ulcers. Ideal for performance and race horses. Equi-Mast contains mastic gum, lecithin, prebiotics and probiotics(Patented Formula)

Feed 1 scoop twice daily for the first 7 days, then feed 1 scoop daily.

Includes Free Shipping

  • 4.63 lb. bucket, no exp. date

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