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Counrty Vet Mosquito - Fly Control & Air Freshner

Counrty Vet Mosquito -  Fly Control & Air Freshner
Country Vet Mosquito, Fly Control and Air Freshner Kit -3 pieces) - Sale Price 38.90
Item #: XXT2777
Our price: $38.90
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Country Vet Automatic Insect and Air Freshner Kit (originally called Q-Mist) works automatically 24 hours a day. The 6.4 ounce aerosal Kills and Repels Insects for 30 days. Delivers powerful Pyrethin, each unit is capable of controling an area of  6,000 cubic feet. 5 year Dispenser Warranty, requires 4 -AA Batteries, mount 7 feet above floor level. Safe and approved for use in dairy barns, horse barnes and dog kennels. Unit also included 1 - 30 day air freshner

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