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Air Power Equine Cough Liquid - 16 ounce

Air Power Equine Cough Liquid - 16 ounce
Air Power Equine Cough Formula - Price 29.90/16 ounce Less 38 Percent equals 18.54 each, includes Free Shipping on orders that total 49.00 or more
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Air Power Equine Cough Formula (Finish Line Horse Products) is an all-natural cough formula that contains Menthol, it can  prevent a horse from coughing all day. It also contains Eucalyptus Oil to loosen phlegm in the respiratory tract, making it easier to expel.

It will not test and it is safe for pre-event, race or performances.

Air Power contains Honey, Cider Vinegar, Aleo Vera,  Lemon Juice, Eucalypus Oil and Menthol.

Directions for Use: Use an oral syringe and orally give 1/2 ounce(15 cc) in the morning before exercise. Repeat same dosage in the late afternoon or evening if desired.

Limited Supply

  • 16 ounce liquid, exp. date 08-02-20

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