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Mini Microchips - Private Label

Mini Microchips - Private Label
Mini Microchips - Private Label Sale Price is $5.99 each - Order 25 or more at $5.87 each - Visit to view a list of pet microchip companies used to register your microchip.
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Needle at top is the mini microchip needle.

Please Note: Before installing this microchip a Red Clip below the Plunger End must be Removed

Mini Microchips(Private Label) half the size(1/2 inch long) compared to the regular microchips(1 inch long). The photo above shows the Mini Chip needle at the top which is a smaller gage needle(compared to the regular microchip needle pictured below it) that is ideal for use in small breed puppies, small dogs, kittens, cats and other small animals.

These mini microchips are ISO Compliant with 15 characters which conforms to the International Organization for Standardization or ISO Standards 11784 and 11785, the ISO conformant Full Duplex microchip is recognized by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), the agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) responsible for protecting animal health and welfare.

This 134 kHz ISO chip with 15 characters has international acceptance, being common in many countries including those of Europe since the late 1990's, and now widely adopted in the United States and Canada.

Get 25 or more at $5.87 each - Includes Free Shipping

Product Details:

*ISO 134 kHz microchips individually sterile wrapped and loaded in a syringe

*6 Barcode Stickers with each microchip

*One Microchip Activation Form with each microchip sterile syringe

Microchips Require Account Activation in order to be traceable to the new pet owner. Activation can be done by the pet owner online at, cost is $20 for lifetime registration of your pet. Participating Microchipping companies are: 24PetWatch,911 pet chip, ACA MARRS, AKC Reunite, BC Pet Registry, BeKind PetFind, EIDAP, Found Animals, Furreka, Home Again, Homeward Bound Pet, InfoPET, Microchip I.D.Systems, Nanochip ID Inc, National Animal Idenification Center, PetKey, PetLink, Petstablished, Save This Life, and SmartTag Microhip.

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