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Microchip Scanner 134kHz - Private Label

Microchip Scanner 134kHz - Private Label
Handheld 134 Khz Microchip Scanner and Reader - Sale Price $70.00 reads our Private Label 134kHz microchips easy to read, requires 3 - AA batteries, includes Free Shipping
Item #: xxx1001
Our price: $70.00
Market price: $95.00
You save: $25.00

Economical Handheld 134kHz Scanner - reads our Private Label Microchips -Sale Price $70.00 compare to others that sell for $314 - $369.

Please Note: You MUST install the microchip in your pet before you can read it with the Scanner

Reads with 2 type interfaces: Connect to any PC with USB 2.0 cord provided or use without PC. Requires 3 AA batteries. It is ISO compliant.

Large display screen is easy to read outdoors, water resistant, will work a -20 degrees

  • 134 khz microchip scanner-reader, only reads 134 Khz microchips

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