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HylaLube Liquid Gallon

HylaLube Liquid Gallon
HylaLube - 325 mg Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid per Ounce - Daily dose provides 325 mg. of HA, includes Free Shipping- 128 Day Supply
Item #: C10599
Price $96.99

HylaLube (Select The Best) is a concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Supplement to provide joint support for horses. It contains 325 mg hyaluronic acid per 1 ounce. Apple Flavored.

Includes Free Shipping, others charge Shipping

Feeding levels: Performance horses give 2 ounces daily with feed or after feeding. For Maintenance give 1 ounce daily. Apple Flavored.

Comes with a 2 ounce pump.

Also labeled to give to dogs

  • Gallon - liquid - No expiration date

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